Selenium Java Framework from Scratch

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Step by Step for Beginners

Skills you will learn

Create automation frameworks using Selenium in Java
Understand the basic concepts and working of Selenium
Understand the basic concepts of Automation Frameworks
Will be able to create test automation framework step by step



  • No prior knowledge is required
  • Designed for complete Beginners


This course if for complete Beginners.
You can take this course without any prior knowledge on Selenium, Java or Automation.

We will go very basic, Step-by-Step and learn – How to create a Selenium Java Framework In this course we will learn:

  • How to setup a Selenium Java Project from scratch
  • How to create Selenium Java scripts
  • How to run tests on different browsers – Chrome, Firefox, IE
  • How to find Web Locators
  • How to setup Page Object Model – POM
  • How to use TestNG
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