Python for Absolute Beginners


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Python for Absolute Beginners!
Get started coding with one of the most beginner friendly programming languages!

Skills you will learn

Install Python on Windows, Mac, and Linux
Run scripts in the interpreter
Setup an IDE
Understand programming basics
Write functions & arguments
Develop a calculator application

Download Python 3 (open source)
Download PyCharm (open source)


If you want to learn how to program, you will LOVE this course! This course was designed for complete beginners with little to no understanding of programming, and will give you the knowledge to get started coding using Python 3. We will cover the following topics in this course:

Python installation
Running Python scripts in terminal
PyCharm IDE setup
Numbers, strings, Boolean operators, lists, dictionaries, and variables
Functions, arguments, return values, loops, and modules
Final project using the information covered in the course

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