how to write Program to convert days into years and weeks

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Hello friends, Welcome to your blog. And today in this article we will learn about  how to write Program to convert days into years and weeks .So let’s go to our topic

#include <iostream.h>
#include <conio.h>
void main()
int days,years,weeks,num1;
cout << “Enter the number of days : ” << endl;
cout << days << ” days = ” << endl;
cout << weeks << ” weeks OR ” << endl;
cout << years << ” years.” << endl;


This program takes in the number of days days as a screen input from the user.
It then converts the days into years as well as weeks and outputs it using the ‘cout’
OUTPUT :789 days =
112 weeks OR
2 years.

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So I hope that you learn about this And if you have any more queries about computer relegated then feel free to discuss your problem in the comment section.Thank you so much and come back for more updates about .