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This Learning Path provides you the core fundamentals of Cloud native, and prepares you for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer Associate Certification.
With your Free Tier Oracle Cloud Account, you can get hands-on with an extensive Workshop where you will build, secure, deploy and operate a cloud-native application.

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Welcome Developers!

Learn how to develop cloud-native applications on OCI, with this extensive full-fledged Workshop you can run on your Free Tier Oracle Cloud account.

We will guide you through all you need to know to build, secure, deploy, and operate your enhanced cloud-native application on OCI.

You will learn to:

  • Create OCI Resources and set up the Developer Environment
  • Deploy a static website in an OCI Compute Instance
  • Manually develop, build, and deploy the Microservices in OKE and Functions
  • Automate the Build, Test, and Deployment pipelines using DevOps Service
  • Secure the application with WAF, Vault-secrets, and API Gateway
  • Integrate the application with OCI Logging, Notification, & Streaming

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Learning Path
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