Learn HTML & CSS How To Start Your Web Development Career

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Learn HTML & CSS: How To Start Your Web Development Career
Learn HTML & CSS To Jump Start Your Career In Web Development

What you’ll learn

Make Any Website Responsive & Mobile Friendly
Create Your Own HTML & CSS Websites From Scratch & Host Them For Free
Impress Employers With The BBC Website Clone You Will Make In The Course Project


Creating a career in development has been the best choice I’ve made in life so far.

It has allowed me to be geek and get paid making awesome apps that help people.

There is an abundant number of tech jobs in every major city, so you can live in a lot of cool places.

The average web developer makes around $76k a year.

A lot of tech companies allow their employees to work remotely.

Needless to say, this industry has been great to me 🙂

And I want you to experience that too.

The course is split into 4 easy to follow sections:

1.) HTML Section

2.) CSS Section

3.) Code Challenge Final

4.) Course Project



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