JSP (Java server pages) and servlet basics


A JSP (Java server pages) and servlet basics course for beginners

What you’ll learn:

  • Basic concept of JSP and servlets
  • Student could start learning framework like Spring, JSF etc

This one is a basiccoursederived from our premium course on JSP,Servlet and JSTL”Java server pages (JSP),Servlet & JSTL tutorial”. The purpose of the course is to provide basic required knowledge so that it can become a foundation for the student who wants to learnadvanced frameworks like spring, JSF Etc in future.

This course will cover the basics of Servlets and JSP and the student would get a fair idea of how a JSP application web application is built. Even though this course covers basic concepts,We recommend you also check the advanced courses onJSP &servlet as that will surely be better before you dig more into Java advanced technologies.

Inthis particular course, we have covered concepts like

  • Setting up the computer for JSP and serverlet
  • Servlets life cycle
  • JSP scripting elements
  • Deployment descriptor and annotations
  • Include file(s) in JSP page
  • Import files into Jsp page
  • MVC overview
  • Basic application based on MVC
  • Forms overview under JSP
  • Forms under Servlet
  • Basic form validation
  • Session under JSP overview
  • And couple of more concepts.


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