JSP and servlet basics

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What you’ll learnĀ 
Basic concept of JSP and servlets
Student could start learning framework like Spring, JSF etc

This course will cover the basics of Servlets and JSP and the student would get a fair idea of how a JSP application web application is built. Even though this course covers basic concepts,We recommend you also check the advanced courses onJSP &servlet as that will surely be better before you dig more into Java advanced technologies.

Inthis particular course, we have covered concepts like

Setting up the computer for JSP and serverlet
Servlets life cycle
JSP scripting elements
Deployment descriptor and annotations
Include file(s) in JSP page
Import files into Jsp page
MVC overview
Basic application based on MVC
Forms overview under JSP
Forms under Servlet
Basic form validation
Session under JSP overview
And couple of more concepts.






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