How to Self-Study English Online

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How to Self-Study English Online
Learn the Techniques & Tricks to Self-Study English Online

Skills you will learn

Follow the step-by-step process to learning online
Set achievable language learning goals
Identify the best resources
Create a motivating study plan

Students will need a printer to print out the PDF documents to guide them through the process
Students will need the time and motivation to create their own personalized study plan
It’s a struggle to self-study anything, let alone a language! Languages were created for the sole purpose of communicating with others. So, is it possible to self-study English online? Of course it is!

This course will help motivated self-studying English students learn how to effectively learn online. Learn how to set achievable goals, how to identify the right resources and how to create a study plan that will lead you to success. Downloadable PDF documents help guide you through the entire process.



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