DevOps – The Introduction Course

The Swiss Army Knife of DevOps and Cloud courses. Introduced basic DevOps concepts to an Absolute Beginner
What you’ll learn
Build necessary skills to start DevOps and Cloud Journey

Get introduced to popular tools in DevOps – Orchestration and Containers

Setup a local home-lab environment

Setup a lab environment on Cloud – AWS/GCP

Understand Containers – Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift

Understand Orchestration – Ansible, Puppet, Chef

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  • Basic System Administration


This course is a must for those starting their journey into the DevOps and the Cloud world. Most of the Cloud and DevOps courses out there require a person to know some basic concepts such as a basic web application, deploying a lab environment using VirtualBox or on cloud platforms like AWS or GCP.

Most DevOps tools rely on languages such as JSON, XML and YAML. YAML language is used by automation tools like Ansible and container orchestration tools like Kubernetes. A firm understanding of the YAML language is a must for a beginner learning these technologies. This course introduces YAML with simple and easy lectures and coding exercises that will help you practice YAML right in your browser.

This course also provides a high level overview of common technologies in DevOps such as Orchestration tools like AnsiblePuppet and Chef. And container technologies like DockerKubernetes and OpenShift. This is NOT an advanced course and does not go in-depth into any of these technologies. Rather this is only meant to give you an introduction into these topics and help you start your journey.

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