Python with AI

Requirements This course is for absolute beginners! No programming experience is required. If you can surf online, you are good to go. More Courses : Intro to Node JS & Express JSP (Java server pages) and servlet basics C++ Tutorial for Complete Beginners Java Programming Basics Description Python programming is fun and useful. But how … Read more

Free Udemy Course Coupons Enroll page

Free Udemy Course Coupons and links Note: These course coupons are shared by the developers and the owners of the course themselves as part of the marketing and promotion of the respective courses. We compile all the offers and this blog. This is fully legal. Use your own mail to register (not temp mail). You’ll get … Read more

Learn C# Programming With Database from Scratch

Overview Detailed C# Programming with Database What you’ll learn: Introduction to C# Programming What is Microsoft .NET Framework Advantages of Using C# Other Technologies for Programming Windows Form Application Practical Hands on C# Windows Form Application Developement Develop a Login System with Dashboard SQL Server Database Connectivity Perform CRUD Transactions on C# Windows Form Application … Read more

Next JS with React Hooks – Building SSR React Applications

Overview Get up and running with React Hooks and Next Js in a Day. Learn to build Server Side Rendered (SSR) React applications. What you’ll learn: Learn React Hooks Learn Next Js Learn to Build SSR React Apps Learn Next JS with React Hooks so that you can start Building SEO friendly, SSR – Server Side Rendered React Applications. In this course, you will … Read more

Learn Python with Google Colab – A Step to Machine Learning

Overview Hands on course in python basics with Google Colab, a step towards Machine Learning What you’ll learn: Basics of Python Data types Printing output If-Else conditions Looping using for, while Arithmatic operations Working with functions Working with List and Arrays Performing action on List Tuple, Set and Dictionary Working with packages Hands-on with Class … Read more

Basic PHP Development with Bootstrap, GitHub and Heroku

Overview Learn to develop a basic PHP application using Bootstrap 4, upload to source control and publish to the web with Heroku What you’ll learn: Setup Apache Server using XAMPP Server Setup PHP Environment using XAMPP Server Understand the role of PHP in Web Based Programming Applications. Build Data Driven and Dynamic Web Applications How … Read more

Portfolio Website with Node JS & Express

Overview Create a fully-working, professional portfolio site using Node JS & Express What you’ll learn: You will create a fully functional portfolio site using Node JS & Express. Along the way, we review request routing, templating engines, working with a database, REST API, image uploading, and AJAX requests with jQuery. This is a good project … Read more

Basics of Object Oriented Programming with C#

Basics of Object Oriented Programming with C# Overview This course will introduce you to the Basics of OOP with C#, followed by a Project to Practice – Warrior Wars! What you’ll learn: Basic Concepts of Object Oriented Programming with C# (but the concepts apply to most languages) Namespaces Fields & Properties Const and Readonly constants … Read more

Cloud Computing With Amazon Web Services

Cloud Computing With Amazon Web Services Overview A beginner’s guide to learn Cloud Computing with AWS What you’ll learn: How to create virtual servers in cloud How to configure monitoring services How to configure storage services in cloud How to setup load balancer and auto scaling of existing infrastructure You should be able to setup … Read more