dbms mcq questions and answers

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers :- 1.) Where is metadata stored in MySQL? Options are: A.) In the MySQL database meta B.) In the MySQL database metasql C.) In the MySQL database metadata D.) In the MySQL database mysql   Answer: D   3.) What MySQL property is used to create a surrogate key in … Read more

operating system mcq with answers

Multiple Chioce Question and Correct Answers :-   1. If there are multiple recycle bin for a hard disk   a. you can setdifferent size for each recycle bin b. you can choose which recycle bin to use to store your deleted files c. You can make any one of them default recycle bin d. None … Read more

Top Aptitude placement test | questions with answers

 Top Aptitude placement test | questions with answers  Practice important Aptitude questions asked in Wipro and other MNC also   ask Aptitude test questions with answers   1. The cost price of an article is Rs. 480. If it is to be sold at a profit of 6.25 percent, what would its selling price be? A. … Read more